Noël Dupuis

Welcome to my website. This site is design to introduce me to companies. It is planned to present my already-done projects, et next ones. But first, let's talk about what i have done, and how I came where I am.

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What I Do

I am a 2nd year student in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics Engineering. I am at the ENSEEIHT, Toulouse-INP, France. You can download my résumé in English or in French.


Who I Am

Lived my young ages near from Orléans, I did my preparatory classes there. 2 years during which you learnt many Mathematics and Physics bases so you can pass contest to integrate the best French Engineering schools. As the result, I came to the ENSEEIHT in Toulouse, and studied Applied Mathematics & Computer Science


My Work

My work can be presented in two ways. The first one is my actual projects in Computer science, the second one is my implication in associations, and my pesonnal expierence. You can click on items you want to discover.

Say Hello.

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